Today I will tell you about a very useful and simple to use kit.
I’m talking about a service where you can edit your address information and get it quickly in your own applications.

HUAWEI Identity Kit provides unified address management services for users, including adding, editing, deleting, and querying addresses, and enables the users to authorize apps to access their addresses through a single tap on the screen. That is, your app can obtain user addresses in a more convenient way.

By watching this video, you’ll get an overview of Identity Kit, including its functions, open capabilities, and business…

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to use Huawei SafetyDetect kit on Cordova platform.

First of all, I would like to start by giving some information about this kit.

Safety Detect builds robust security capabilities, including system integrity check (SysIntegrity), app security check (AppsCheck), malicious URL check (URLCheck), fake user detection (UserDetect), and malicious Wi-Fi detection (WifiDetect), into your app, effectively protecting it against security threats.

  • SysIntegrity API: Checks whether the device running your app is secure, for example, whether it is rooted.
  • AppsCheck API: Obtains a list of malicious apps.
  • URLCheck API: Determines the threat type of…


Hello everyone, I am here with a very useful kit. The name of this useful kit is HUAWEI Awareness kit.

HUAWEI Awareness Kit provides your app with the ability to obtain contextual information including users’ current time, location, behavior, audio device status, ambient light, weather, and nearby beacons. Your app can gain insight into a user’s current situation more efficiently, making it possible to deliver a smarter, more considerate user experience.

I will explain the Barrier API of this kit and we will implement it together.

Barrier API

  • The Barrier API allows your app to set a barrier for specific contextual conditions…


Hello everyone, I’m here with a fun service. in this article, provides example of HUAWEI Site Kit using the Cordova mobile application. First of all, I want to provide you with basic information about the site kit.

Site Kit provides place search services including keyword search, nearby place search, place detail search, and place search suggestion, helping your app provide convenient place-related services to attract more users and improve user loyalty.

Use Cases

You can integrate the following core capabilities in Site Kit to quickly build apps with which your users can explore the world around them:

  • Keyword Search: Returns a place…


In this story, I will show you how to read and create QR code with scankit.
This app will be able to scan QR codes and generate QR codes containing your own information.

I will show you all this with a simple application.

If everything is ready, we can start by introducing the features we will use.

Scan QR Codes

We will use two different methods when scanning QR codes.

If you say you do not want to deal with the design, if you want the method to run like I click the button and scan the QR codes, I have good news…


This article covers, how to integrate Cordova Hms Location Kit to a Cordova application.

Cordova Hms Location Kit supports services listed below

There are several number of uses cases of these services, you can combine them or just use them to create different functionalities in your app. For basic understanding, please read uses cases from here.


Step 1

Prepare your development environment using this guide.

After reading this guide you should have Cordova Development Environment setted up, Hms Core (APK) installed and Android Sdk installed.

Step 2

Configure your app information in…

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